Actively unwind
Like to just ‘chill’? Sporty? There is lots to do outdoors here, both summer and winter. The extensive woodlands, hills and surrounding mountains offer lots of opportunity for relaxation whatever you prefer. Outdoor activities during the day? Relax in the evening in our lovely Holland Bayern Haus.

Cycling Paradise - Bayerische Wald
The Bavarian Forest (Bayerische Wald) is just wonderful for mountain biking or taking the racer out. 
Numerous bike runs vary from easy to challenging to difficult – something for everyone. All the routes have one thing in common – there is another even more lovely view of Bavaria hidden around the next corner.
All those little pathways through the forest towards the mountains, or past endless meadowland, will satisfy any cyclist, whether racing, touring or mountain biking.

Wonderful mountain hikes
Whether you like just wandering the paths, Nordic Walking or hill walking, the surrounding area with all its marked out tour routes offers lots of possibilities. From a gentle stroll among alpine meadows, to a trek to the highest point in the Bavarian forest. There are various panoramic views around here that are truly gorgeous and we would be pleased to help you select a suitable route either close by or just over the nearby Austrian border – or perhaps to the tri-border area in the Bohemian Forest.

(Cross Country) Skiing
The Bavarian forest is paradise for those who ski (downhill or cross-country/langlaufen). Peaceful winter scenes and the geniality of local people all coupled with the gorgeous surroundings and skiing opportunities. In the immediate vicinity there are various cross country tracks laid out – even one that will take you into Austria. Don a pair of snowshoes and you can take a walk in the woods and mountains too, just like in the summer. Ski resort Hochficht is literally just around the corner – with 8 lovely slopes. There is even a ski-lift and nursery slope for beginners in the nearby village.
The lift to Dreisesselberg (Three Chair Mountain) is 12 km up the road.
For more information on these ski resorts, see: